Making INSURANCE Simple For You


“Living Forever” What according to you it means?

Let me tell you, some people leave behind a heap of debts, creditors, loans, and their families end up having to suffer because of it. Instead, you can leave behind a legacy of security and safety for all your loved ones even after you’re gone. They would thank you and remember you for having done good planning for them and you will always live forever in their memories and day-to-day life. In that way, you would still be living forever with your family,

“The most bitter truth about life starts when you die.”

Imagine if you are in your grave and if you could read the mind of each and every person who has come to your funeral. What would you hear? Let me tell you the most bitter truth about life. When you are gone everyone around you your family friends, relatives come to console and pay condolences. But trust me no one, I mean “NO ONE’ will take a lifetime financial responsibility for your family. Your family is solely dependent on you for their financial standing even after you are gone. Doesn’t matter if the surviving spouse is earning, even if he/she is, don’t you think they would still have to compromise on their standard of living? Would you want that? If your answer to this is NO then go ahead and buy a copy of this book or you can just close it and keep it back.

If you are still reading then, let me tell you one more truth that living in your old age being dependent on others, will cost you your "Dignity". And living without "Dignity" is as good as dying. Do you agree with me? And my mission is to make you live with " Dignity" till you are alive. So if you are the one who wants to get benefitted from my mission then again I would say go ahead and buy the book.


In this book, I have shared my knowledge of Insurance in simple layman’s terms. So that even a common man understands Insurance.

Chapters in the book:

✅     Chapter 1: What is Insurance?

✅     Chapter 2: What is Life Insurance

✅     Chapter 3: Health Insurance

✅     Chapter 4: Travel Insurance

✅     Chapter 5: Individual Personal Accident Insurance

✅     Chapter 6: General Insurance

✅     Chapter 7: Group Insurance Schemes

✅     Chapter 8: Employer Employee Insurance

✅     Chapter 9: Mistakes That People make while Buying Insurance

✅     Chapter 10: How much Insurance to buy?

✅     Chapter 11: Lapsed policies

✅     Chapter 12: Income tax benefit of Life Insurance

✅     Chapter 13: Married Women Property Act. 1874 (MWP)

Suman Manjrekar


I Suman Manjrekar have been working in the insurance sector since 2003. From not knowing insurance to becoming an expert and receiving various awards from my company Life Insurance Corporation of India, it has been a long journey. This journey has taught me a lot right from people rejecting my calls to calling me and asking me to guide them when they were stuck in a situation of financial planning.

In my journey, I have come across many people. My experience says that people who understand insurance are only 10% rest 90% are not aware of what Insurance actually is, its benefits. Also how it works and how you need to plan your insurance.

So I thought of writing a book on Insurance for a layman. Where I have covered the major topics a layman should know about Insurance.

This book is a step forward in my mission of ‘MAKING INSURANCE SIMPLE FOR EVERYONE’ Request each and everyone to read this book and check into your insurance figures and take corrective steps towards the same.

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